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Salvage Vehicle Inspection for Insurance

It may be tough to acquire insurance over a vehicle titled “Salvage”. However, a vehicle owner needs to be certain of his investment and safety of the vehicle. At the same time, it is crucial for insurance companies to know about the usefulness of the vehicle to protect the interests of their clients and charge them with the right premium.

This is where the experts at Car Inspectors come to the rescue! We prepare detailed, accurate, and flawless salvage vehicle inspection for insurance reports creating transparency between vehicle owners and insurance companies for further proceedings.

What’s required for salvage vehicle inspection for insurance?

If your vehicle has a salvage title and requires insurance, you may need to first have it inspected by a state-licensed mechanic.

Car Inspectors provides these types of inspections and is licensed in California by the Bureau of Automotive Repair as an Authorized Repair Dealer.

Steven Storey is also licensed by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as a re-Certified Master Auto Technician and can provide salvage vehicle inspection for insurance.

What constitutes our salvage vehicle inspection for insurance?

The inspections usually cover the major safety systems of the vehicle including Brakes, Parking-Brake, Steering and Suspension, Tires, Windshield and General Engine, Driveline and Exhaust System Condition.

Electrical systems are also checked including the Headlights, Taillights and Brake-Lamps as well as the Wipers, Seat-Belts and Air Bags.

Thereafter, the body of the vehicle is checked for major and minor damage (if any). The body should also be in good condition with only minor damage. Also, the engine should not have been modified for speed or performance.

Your insurance company should provide you with a checklist of what needs to be inspected. We make sure everything from that checklist gets covered in our inspection.

Know whether or not your vehicle reaches the “rebuilt” state from the “salvage” state

Through our salvage vehicle inspection for insurance, we help determine whether or not your salvage vehicle is in good enough condition to be transferred to the “rebuilt” state. We perform highly accurate and detailed salvage inspections that help to know the true condition of your car.

What is the cost of salvage vehicle inspection for insurance?

At Car Inspectors, we manage thousands of salvage vehicles and are frequently asked how to inspect a salvage vehicle for insurance purposes. All our inspections are performed on-location and are between $150 to $200. Please call Car Inspectors at 818-300-4491 for more information.

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