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On-Location Pre-Purchase ASE Certified Auto Inspection Service

Car Inspections and Auto Inspection Reports for Used Vehicles in the Greater Los Angeles area

When planning to buy a used car in the greater Los Angeles area, be sure that the vehicle you are planning to purchase is still in good condition. We have experienced ASE master-certified used vehicle inspectors who can provide you with professional on-location car inspection services. Call us for a detailed pre-purchase inspection in the greater Los Angeles area. Car Inspectors has a professional car inspector ready to inspect vehicles in the greater Los Angeles area as soon as needed!

Pre-purchase Inspection Details

Inspections are performed on location and on any type, make or model of vehicle located in the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The vehicle will be checked thoroghly top and bottom including being raised so critical under-car components can be inspected and photographed. After a thorough and detailed pre-purchase inspection is completed, Car Inspectors will call you with a verbal evaluation of the vehicle's overall condition. You will also receive a written report including a checklist of all vehicle systems and overall evaluation of the car to enable you to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the vehicle. See the inspections page for more information regarding pre-purchase inspections

Our inspectors can conduct quality vehicle inspections anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area. We also cover Orange and Ventura counties. Car Inspectors ASE Certified technicians have over 15 years experience providing professional-quality used auto inspections.

Auto Inspection Reports

After the inspection of the used vehicle and verbal report from the inspector, you will receive a written comprehensive auto inspection report. Included is a detailed list of existing and potential problems that the inspector has found in the used vehicle including engine, transmission, steering and suspension, brakes, frame, body, interior, electrical and electronic systems, accessories and more. Inspections include the use of electrical and electronic test equipment to determine the condition of the vehicle's onboard computer and electronic systems. Inspection packages may also include a minimum of 50 or more photos of the used vehicle including photos of the specific problems found in the used car, and videos of the engine idling and running. More videos of the used vehicle including a real-time test drive are also provided with Car Inspectors' GOLD inspections. An estimate of the cost of needed repairs in parts and labor may also be attached so you know how much repair costs will be if you decide to purchase the vehicle.

When you need a pre-purchase used car inspection in the greater Los Angeles area, give Car Inspectors a call. Making sure the vehicle you are considering to buy is in good condition is a sound investment. We are the professional used car inspectors you can depend on!

For questions regarding inspections in the Southern California area, CLASSIC CAR and COPART inspection pricing, please call 818-300-4491.
Provide Detailed Reports
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CAR INSPECTORS provide the industry's most comprehensive vehicle inspection services and inspection reports. Each report includes detailed checks of:

Body Rust & Corrosion Engine Cooling System
Frame Suspension Transmission Exhaust
Paint Steering Drivetrain Accessories
Previous Repairs Brakes Electrical Interior
Accidents Wheels & Tires Computer Systems Driving Performance
See the Resources Page for copies of actual reports.
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