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Independent Vehicle Inspection Services

CAR INSPECTORS pre-purchase independent vehicle inspection services are performed on location so there is no need to transfer the vehicle to another facility. All that is required is the vehicle details and the vehicle location. After a vehicle is selected and the inspection purchased, Car Inspectors will contact the seller to schedule the inspection date and time.

Condition Inspection: Independent vehicle inspection services performed by Car Inspectors are some of the most comprehensive and detailed in the industry today. The vehicle will be inspected both visually and tests made for defects in the paint, body, glass, trunk and interior. Accessory operation is also thoroughly checked including lights, signals, windows, door-locks, seats, wipers, A/C and heating. Electronic features including radio, media, navigation, phone, DVD and others are also checked for operation and performance. The vehicle is then lifted for checks of damage, defects and leaks to the frame, suspension, steering, brakes, undercarriage and drivetrain. Wheels and tires are also checked for wear and damage. Previous body damage and repairs are also checked along with rust and rust repairs. The engine compartment is then checked and systems including steering, cooling, A/C, starting and charging and associated systems. Fluids are checked including the condition of oil, coolant, steering and transmission fluids. Engine checks include: idle quality, noises, leaks, cylinder leakage, exhaust smoke, trouble codes, emission systems and fuel trim. Electrical diagnostic tools including professional-quality updated vehicle-specific scan-tool software are used to check for trouble codes and status for drivetrain, suspension, steering, brakes and accessory systems.

Drive-Test: The vehicle is then test driven. Drive-Test checks include:

  • Transmission operation and shift response
  • Engine smoothness, power and response
  • Drivetrain, noises and vibration
  • Dash gauges, indications and warnings
  • Steering and suspension looseness, vibration, and noises
  • Brake performance, vibration and noises
  • Vehicle sway, directional stability and diving
  • Interior rattling and other noises

Over 85 items are checked on all pre-purchase inspections. The inspector will also contact you directly with a verbal report immediately after the completion of the inspection. Inspection packages also include up to a minimum of 60 photos of the vehicle including any specific problems found. Car Inspectors independent vehicle inspection services offer three levels of inspection packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold-level inspections are the most comprehensive and include videos w/sound of the engine idling/running, videos of any other issues which can be more effectively communicated in video format, plus videos of a real-time drive test of the vehicle. Inspection packages include an estimate for any parts & labor costs of existing and potential problems. This information can then be used for negotiating the final sale price of the vehicle. Inspections are completed and the results returned usually within 24 to 36 hours. You may view actual recent inspections performed by Car Inspectors at the Resources Page. For any questions regarding inspections in the Southern California area, CLASSIC CAR and COPART inspection pricing, please call 818-300-4491.

Our Detailed Reports
Used Vehicle Inspection Service LA  

CAR INSPECTORS provide the industry's most comprehensive vehicle inspection services and inspection reports. Included with each inspector's comprehensive report is an overall vehicle evaluation and an estimate of required and recommended repairs and services.

See the Resources Page for copies of actual reports.


Gold Package: Includes inspection checklist, vehicle evaluation with grade-score, estimate

of needed and recommended repairs, minimum of 60 labeled and non-labeled photos, minimum

of 6 videos and verbal report.


Silver Package: Includes inspection checklist, evaluation, 50 non-labeled photos, verbal report.


Bronze Package: Includes checklist and verbal report.


(Please note prices are based on inspection being within 35 miles of Car Inspectors' office).

Enjoy a 15% discount on 2 or more inspections within a 10 mile radius!



L.A. County GOLD Inspections


Single Vehicle Certifications

CAR INSPECTORS offers on-location vehicle certifications for individual sellers who realize the value of having a third-party qualify a vehicle they plan to publicly market in the Continental USA. Certified vehicles command higher prices as they offer potential buyers insurance from possible defects knowing that it was certified by a qualified technician not afilliated with the seller.


$169.95 Per Vehicle

Multiple Vehicle Certifications

CAR INSPECTORS offers on-location nationwide vehicle certifications for dealers who realize the value of having a third-party qualify a vehicle they plan to publicly market. If you are a new dealer who hasn't yet been established on the market, CAR INSPECTORS certifications can help you become known as a reputable dealer who sells quality cars. Certified vehicles command higher prices as they offer potential buyers insurance from possible defects knowing that it was certified by a qualified technician not afilliated with the seller.


$129.95 Per Vehicle
(5 Vehicle Minimum)
Vehicle Certification
If you have any questions about our inspections or certifications, please contact us at our General Contact Form or call us at 800-593-2239.

Besides quality vehicle inspections, CAR INSPECTORS provides a Mobile Auto Repair service to the Los Angeles County area which performs professional grade vehicle service and repairs at your home or office. Check the Mobile Mechanic link for more information.