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CAR INSPECTORS Vehicle Inspections and Mobile Auto Repair Service is a Bureau of Automotive Repair certified auto repair dealer (ARD# 270045) and has an outstanding history. Our service continues to grow especially in the Southern California community. CAR INSPECTORS has provided a Mobile Repair Service for for customers and clients in the southern California area besides offering thorough, professional-grade vehicle inspections since 2000.

Car Inspectors is also accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2009 with an A+ rating and have excellent YELP reviews. Car Inspectors gives the utmost priority to the security of all personal and financial information released to them by their clients and customers. You can view BBB's privacy policy regarding information disclosed to Car Inspectors here.


Car Inspectors in Los Angeles Reviews

Saved lots of money and headaches

Found Steve through google and boy glad I did. I called him around noon to check out a 1965 mustang and he reported back to me that night about the car. The reports were very detailed, lots of photos and videos. What I thought might of been a good find turned out not to be. He saved me lots of money and head aches. Amazingly detailed inspection I mean he went over EVERYTHING!!!!!! I will be using him in the future and passing his name along to my family and friends. THANKS again Steve you ROCK!!!!!

– Kristian D. from Anchorage, AK on 11/29/2016

Maserati Inspection

Excellent communication. More thorough than I expected. I highly suggest using Steven and his service if you want to know everything about a potential used car purchase.

– John B. from Buffalo, NY on 11/10/2016

Quick response with photos and video

Steve was quick to respond and a very thorough inspection of my sones first car. 1993 Volvo 240 Wagon. He made contact with the seller for me and arranged the inspection. I am sure he can do repairs and more, but his inspection was great with photos and video to support his findings. Thanks Steve!

– Jeffrey J. from Glendale, CA on 9/28/2016

Car was in an accident and poorly repaired

If you wanted to buy a used car and need it inspected, CALL STEVE! Nothing will go wrong. Steve will throughly check the car and give you details report of the car. With his report, we found out the car we're about to buy had been in an accident and was repaired poorly. Think no more. Call Steve!

– Al G. from Canyon Country, CA on 8/11/2016

Top notch work, really the expert in his field

Steve is amazing!!! His work is TOP NOTCH! We were in a time crunch to have a car inspected as we were only given 72 hours timeframe from the dealer. We called Steve and he agreed to help us asap! Very impressive! He came on time! Did a very thorough and details inspections. And he is REALLY THE EXPERT in his field. He noticed things that we didn't see or notice. He gave us a very details n helpful reports including photos and documented video. Overall, we are very satisfied and pleased with his service. I won't think twice to use him again.

– Anne C. from Canyon Country, CA on 8/2/2016

Comprehensive reports included dozens of pictures

Living in Germany and buying cars in the U.S. can be tricky as not every seller is revealing all flaws his goods may have. Steve Storey was conveniently booked via the internet, paid by paypal and checked several cars at renown dealers in L.A. within very short notice. His comprehensive reports including dozens of pictures, a list of all problems and also an estimate on how much the necessary work would cost brought a deep insight into the cars we knew only from their sales pictures and description. "Mechanically sound" looked on with his expertise turned into locked transmissions, leaking engines, inoperative cabriolet tops and many more expensive defects. Steve�s value for money reports helped us in discussing these defects with the seller, renegotiate prices and avoided severe losses which would have been caused by overpaying lemons and believing overly optimistic sales reps. Thanks you Steve, your work is an asset to us.

– K. K. from Hamburg, Germany on 10/13/2015

Unbelievable Service

Unbelievable service. I live in Kentucky and needed Steve to check out a car for me in Burbank. I am so glad I hired him. He gave me the most detailed and comprehensive report I could have imagined. Nothing was skipped or looked over. He provided me with 80 detailed pictures and around 20 videos to make sure I knew exactly what was going on with the car. It saved my from buying a car and then having to spend thousands on repairs. Thanks Steve! Highly recommended!

– Heath C. from Prestonsburg, KY on 7/30/2015

Use the report as a bargaining tool

What a great service! I called Steve from Canada about a Range Rover Classic down in Encino I was interested in and he was on his way to inspect it less than 2 hours later. The report I got back was excellent. 75 pictures, 15 videos, 2 technical reports, overall evaluation and an estimate for the work that the car needed. Steve was incredibly thorough on what he found on the car that needed attention. The cost of the service was very reasonable, and has probably saved me a good couple of grand on things that the seller hadn't told me about buying a car from so far away is fraught with problems, but if I go ahead and buy it now I'll be doing so with no nasty surprises, and I can use the report on the car as a bargaining tool on the price. 100% recommend Car Inspectors if, like me, you are looking at spending decent money on a used car.

– Paul S. from San Francisco, CA on 12/13/2014

Advocates for his clients

Steve has been tremendous. Very professional and responsive. Coordinates with the dealer/owner and spends the time he needs doing the inspection. Even with the Sales guys breathing down his neck, he advocates for his clients. His reports are extremely detailed. I would always call Steve before buying a car.

– Brad W. from Fountain Valley, CA on 9/23/2014

Eldorado Inspection

Gave me an accurate description of a classic car and saved me lots of time, money, and potential grief. I called him and told him what dealer had the car , he went by, took more pictures than were on the internet, highlighted items that were obvious, and I still couldn't see them. I would use him again in a heartbeat.

– Phillip Murphy from Alexandria, LA on 8/17/2013

Wrote a Report, took Pictures and a Video

I called Steve after finding his service on line and we discussed what he does and the fee. He was professional and provided me with answers. Once I agreed to the terms he contacted the seller to set up an appointment. The seller did not want Steve to look at the car until he replaced fender extensions. I was not pleased with the seller and let Steve know that. A day or two later Steve went to the car, took the pictures of the car as is, inspected it, took a video and called me when he was done. All of the pictures and video and report came to me in a timely manner through email. He took many many pictures which told the whole story for me. The car was not in the mint condition as described in the ad. I was so pleased that thanks to Steve I had not wasted 4,000.00 for a car that I could not see personally. The fee was very reasonable compared to other companies that provide the same service. I would use Steve again for his professional service.

– Lyn Iversen from Fortuna, CA on 3/25/2013

Diagnosed and Fixed the Problem

I have a customized and oversize 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser that broke down inside a business parking garage, making it impossible to tow out and requiring that it be fixed where it sat. Mr. Storey was punctual, polite, and very knowledgeable. He had to disassemble and remove the very heavy front bumper, which includes a winch, to get to the pump for the power steering fluid. He found a failed O-ring, showed me the problem, researched and found a replacement part, and got the car repaired, reassembled, out of the garage and back on the road in a short period of time.

– Corey Hayden's from Encino, CA on 11/23/2012


Steve provided a very thorough and detailed automobile inspection on an antique vehicle that I was looking at purchasing. The car was in California and I live in Vermont, so having Steve perform this service was critical to me. Steve acted in my best interests as his customer. He provided many many photos, video and a detailed list of repairs and estimated costs so that it made it very easy for me to understand what I was gettting in to, and how much this would cost me. With all the information, I truly became an educated consumer with his expertise guiding the way. He was punctual, easy to work with, extremely professional and I would recommend him highly. Thanks Steve!

– Jim Buell from Shelburne, VT on 09/08/2012

Mazda 3 Inspection

Thanks so much for your help with the car buying process! I can't tell you how helpful it was to have your complete, reliable inspection results in hand when I visited the dealer-in the end, the salesman agreed to have the issues you identified repaired at no charge. I absolutely won't hesitate to recommend your service to friends in the area.

– Daniel Mindlin from Los Angeles, CA on 6/21/2012

Professional Inspection

This is an incredible service. The inspection was very thorough and the written evaluation of the car enabled me to make an informed decision about my purchase. I was very impressed with the level of detail and professionalism of the inspector. I recommend this to anyone who is in the market to buy a pre-owned car!

– Tim Parker from Marina Del Rey, CA on 1/15/2012


When I was Looking for some one to inspect a 66 Mustang convertible in CA, being overseas I Emailed several company's and business, with not many responses. Steve from Car Inspectors was the most prompt and willing to do my inspection. He was easy to deal with, on time as promised, and delivered his 66 detailed photos, estimates of repairs and overall inspection all in the same day! I learned never trust a sellers photos, no matter how good they look! as the car was a Lemon! Thank-you Steve The person who bought that lemon was not me!

– Justin Eagleton from Victoria, Australia on 02/01/2010

Inspections and Teaches Automotive Repair

I have used CAR INSPECTORS on several occasions. Once for an inspection, the other for a repair. On both occasions, the work was performed professionally and I was very satisfied with the results. The owner; Steve, teaches automotive repair and is very knowledgable. I highly recommend this service.

– Allen Henninger from Sylmar, CA on 09/29/2009

Professional Repair Service

"Personally, Car Inspectors has always provided me with extremely competent, HONEST car repairs and service. Professionally, I manage on-site services for employees at my company. In three years, I've never had a single complaint!"

– Judy Duvall from Northrop/Grumman Systems, Dominguez Hills, CA, 2003