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One of the best Lemon Law Inspectors in Los Angeles for Car Inspection

Our Lemon Car Inspector in Los Angeles Says “Don’t Invest in a Lemon”

Steven Storey owner / operator of Car Inspectors is also a qualified and experienced Lemon Law vehicle inspector and Expert Witness for clients requiring the preliminary inspection of their vehicle to verify and document concerns when developing a legal case against their vehicle's manufacturer.

As one of the unsurpassed Lemon Law Inspectors and Experts in Los Angeles, he has helped hundreds of people in finding economic and expeditious solutions through his lemon car inspection services in Los Angeles CA.

Collaborated with the Best Lemon Law Lawyers in Los Angeles

Steven’s experience and proficiency in work have resulted in his collaboration with some of the best lemon law lawyers in Los Angeles. He has been widely acclaimed and became the favorite of a majority of lemon law lawyers in Los Angeles. His meticulously researched and comprehensively drafted car inspection reports have proved to be the biggest asset for the lemon law attorneys.

Get Services from the Best Lemon Law Inspectors and Lemon Law Lawyers in Los Angeles

Steven has worked with a variety of legal firms which represent clients in Lemon Law legal suits. He presently is an inspector and expert witness for the Krohn and Moss Consumer Law Center and the Law Offices of Rene Korper which represent clients providing legal services in Lemon Law suits and have had excellent results.

Many have witnessed and experienced his expertise in lemon car Inspections in California. His superior knowledge about California Lemon Law Qualifications, proven track record, and excellent customer service makes him one of the most sought-after Lemon Law Experts in California.

If you are in Southern California and having recurring problems with your newly bought vehicle which are unresolved and feel it's time to take it to the next step, please contact Steven at 818-300-4491 or email You can also contact Krohn and Moss or Rene Korper directly through their websites at or You can also call them at 323-988-2400 (K&M) or (661) 362-0728 for Korper Lemon Law.

Why Get Inspection Services From Our Lemon Car Inspector in Los Angeles?

Available in different parts of California

Our lemon law inspector provides lemon car inspection services in various parts of California that include Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Riverside and more. Services are also available for Lemon-Law firms located out-of-state.

ASE Certified Inspectors

Our lemon law inspector is ASE Re-Master Certified with over 30 years experience and has gained great expertise in the diagnostic and repair of automotive problems. Hence, you can gain an unmatched level of perfection from his services.

15 Years of Experience

With over 15 years of work experience as the Lemon Car Inspector in Los Angeles, he can unveil even the minutest to largest problem of your vehicle. Inspection reports generated by him have always been beneficial for our clients.