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Used Car Inspection Checklist- What To Check When Buying a Used Car

Used Car Inspection Checklist

Are you planning to invest in a used car due to budget crunch and want to make your decision a fruitful one?  Though there are hundreds of things that one should look into while undergoing any such situation, doing a pre-purchase inspection holds the key to the best results. A full-fledged inspection is of great importance at this stage as it will ensure that you put your money in the right direction to get a car that would deliver you peace of mind and not excessive visits to a car mechanic.

Let’s look at various aspects that you should consider while doing a pre purchase inspection of the used car yourself.

1. Overall condition of the body

The first & foremost thing to check is the overall condition of the body. This activity would include: examination of the car’s passenger doors, boot door, hood, checks for dents, rust, and scratches. If you notice uneven gaps between the fender and the door, it simply means that the body was repaired or parts were manufactured locally in a garage. The result may be that it may easily dismantle even in case of a small accident. Another important thing is the aesthetical elements of the car such as color and texture of the paint. This is because no one would be interestedin buying a car that looks worn out from the outside.

2. Check the suspension

A car’s ride is meant to be high on control and comfort and a suspension system in good condition makes this possible. So, while deciding over the purchase of a used car, make sure the suspension system of the car is well maintained so that you don’t feel jerks or excessive swaying on bumpy roads. If not sure, you can ask a mechanic to do the job on your behalf. The primary purpose behind this objective is to be clear about the suspension system of the car.

3. Do check the air conditioning system

For hotter regions, air conditioning is a must. Check for the air conditioning system of the car you’re interested in. Many times buyers don’t get the AC serviced on time and this results in an improperly cooling AC system. So, get it checked out so you can enjoy a cooler car diving experienced with your family.

4. Tires

Even a bicycle runs on tires. A vehicle will give better fuel economy and hassle-free ride if its tires are in good condition. Tires need replacement after a certain distance covered by them, so don’t hesitate in asking the seller when was the last time he changed the tires. Many times tires are the cause behind car accidents; so always look for a car with good tires.

5. Electrical and electronic systems

If you wish to enjoy a safer and enjoyable ride in your newly bought used car, the role of its electrical systems is paramount. From powering the audio system to lighting up the cabin, there is a complex system of electric wires, switches and components in any car. So, get it thoroughly inspected to avoid the chances of an inoperative system or even worse, a short circuit or fire.

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