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The Top Myths And Mistakes In Buying A Used Car

carSome consider it good, while others may not find it a worthy option- the idea of buying used cars has different opinions altogether. Here is a list of the most common myths and mistakes that people might come across when they look to buy used vehicles:

Used Car Lemon Law Not Applicable In States:

There are a number of states that do not have any used car lemon laws, but this is only applicable for the new cars or vehicles still under warranty. And no matter what the seller’s offer as information about the conditions of the vehicle, it’s the liability of the buyer to check all the conditions themselves.

In such a case, you could opt to obtain a lemon car inspection service by some expert car inspectors to be sure of your act.

Automatic Warranty :

Do not expect to get an automatic warranty when you get the used car from a dealer. Some dealers may offer a limited-period warranty, but in this too you need to check the components and systems that are covered.

Most of the warranties do not cover mechanical or electrical systems of the vehicle.

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Odometer Frauds :

RustAs per an estimate, almost 25% of the used vehicles suffer odometer discrepancies. This indicates that the vehicles have had their odometers tampered with to display altered miles and deceive the buyer on their purchase.

The common people may not get to know this, but when you consult car inspectors for the overall inspection of the vehicle, they would help in indicating such a fraud.

Certified Vehicles :

In reality, you cannot determine a standard for quality or inspection, when the vehicles are titled ‘certified’ of ‘certified pre-owned (CPO)’.

Certified vehicles vary a great deal from dealer to dealer. In order to mitigate a particular ‘certification’ or know better about it, you would always need to contact the expert car inspection services for assistance.

Vehicle History Reports :

Even though a particular vehicle has a clean history report, the reports do not signify any existent mechanical or electrical problems in the vehicle, the quality of repairs offered previously and any accidental damages that it suffered and weren’t reported to the DMV.

All this could be determined only when you consult the experienced servicemen known as car inspectors. Any form of repairs, abuse or accidental damages could be caught and this determines the real value of a car.

What is Lemon Law for Used Cars in California

Websites That Offer Used Car Values :

Though you might consider the websites which offer the value of a car based on its make, model, year, mechanical damages and distance covered etc, these are not always available for every year, make and model of vehicle.

And as all these myths and mistakes are highly prevalent, it’s better to consult the experts before buying a used car. Call the best car inspectors of your region and avoid committing any such mistake which proves to be a costly affair in the future.

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