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How To Determine Accidental Damages In The Used Car You’re Buying

Determine Accidental Damages In The Used Car

Do not consider this an overstatement if you are told to get assistance from the independent vehicle inspection services of your region.

For instance, if you reside in Los Angeles and wish to buy a pretty used car from a local seller or dealer, it is essential to get a pre-purchase inspection in Los Angeles.

But why do you need this?

This is mandatory since you would always wish to get a proper return for your invested bucks and also stay safe with the vehicle you purchase. Besides, the car inspectors would also inform you of all the conditions, including whether or not the car has suffered some accidental damages in the past.

Would you agree to buy a car that suffered serious accidental damages? Tough call, it could be, but most buyers would prohibit such a case. However, when the vehicle emerges refurbished and repainted from a professional shop, it is not easy to know the extent of damages it suffered.

The car inspectors could assist in such a case. Here are some methods which the experts use to determine whether or not a car has suffered accidental damages:

Why a Pre-purchase Inspection is Significant?

  • Color Test: This is probably one of the important considerations. The experts take a thorough view of the exteriors and look for any signs of color patches which contrast to the original color of the car. Sometimes, only a door is colored or only a patch is fitted, and this might not be visible to the normal eyes. Thus, only a proficient car inspection in Los Angeles or any other region would be required.

  • Testing With A Finger: When a complete visual inspection is accomplished, the experts use the finger test. By running a finger along the door edges, windows and back edge near the hood, the professionals know its repainting status. The factory-painted edges are often much smoother than an aftermarket pant-job.

  • Overspray Test: If a car is sent to get some damages repaired, it would be painted too. And the parts which do not need paints are covered with pieces of paper and tapes. However, many not-so-particular repair professionals do not properly cover the black rubber trim or other areas not designated to be painted, which leads to traces of paint sprayed on these parts. Vehicle inspectors look to find such details and determine repainting.

  • Sanding Marks Test: If a vehicle has experienced some dents and has been repaired, the repair professionals fill the dented portions with ‘bondo’ which is a kind of polyester resin. This is mixed with a hardener and put on the body to match its original shape of the panel. No wonder this is difficult to detect, but these flaws too do not remain hidden from the eagle-sharp eyes of the dedicated car inspectors.

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Thus, professional car inspectors could easily detect and inform you about a vehicle that has suffered serious or even minor accidental damages. Therefore, it is essential to get assistance from the most proficient used car inspection services of your region, before buying a used vehicle.

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