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How To Determine Accidental Damages In The Used Car You’re Buying

Determine Accidental Damages In The Used Car

Do not consider this an overstatement if you are told to get assistance from the independent vehicle inspection services of your region.

For instance, if you reside in Los Angeles and wish to buy a pretty used car from a local seller or dealer, it is essential to get a pre-purchase inspection in Los Angeles.

But why do you need this?

This is mandatory since you would always wish to get a proper return for your invested bucks and also stay safe with the vehicle you purchase. Besides, the car inspectors would also inform you of all the conditions, including whether or not the car has suffered some accidental damages in the past.

Would you agree to buy a car that suffered serious accidental damages? Tough call, it could be, but most buyers would prohibit such a case. However, when the vehicle emerges refurbished and repainted from a professional shop, it is not easy to know the extent of damages it suffered.

The car inspectors could assist in such a case. Here are some methods which the experts use to determine whether or not a car has suffered accidental damages:

Why a Pre-purchase Inspection is Significant?

  • Color Test: This is probably one of the important considerations. The experts take a thorough view of the exteriors and look for any signs of color patches which contrast to the original color of the car. Sometimes, only a door is colored or only a patch is fitted, and this might not be visible to the normal eyes. Thus, only a proficient car inspection in Los Angeles or any other region would be required.

  • Testing With A Finger: When a complete visual inspection is accomplished, the experts use the finger test. By running a finger along the door edges, windows and back edge near the hood, the professionals know its repainting status. The factory-painted edges are often much smoother than an aftermarket pant-job.

  • Overspray Test: If a car is sent to get some damages repaired, it would be painted too. And the parts which do not need paints are covered with pieces of paper and tapes. However, many not-so-particular repair professionals do not properly cover the black rubber trim or other areas not designated to be painted, which leads to traces of paint sprayed on these parts. Vehicle inspectors look to find such details and determine repainting.

  • Sanding Marks Test: If a vehicle has experienced some dents and has been repaired, the repair professionals fill the dented portions with ‘bondo’ which is a kind of polyester resin. This is mixed with a hardener and put on the body to match its original shape of the panel. No wonder this is difficult to detect, but these flaws too do not remain hidden from the eagle-sharp eyes of the dedicated car inspectors.

What is Lemon Law for Used Cars in California

Thus, professional car inspectors could easily detect and inform you about a vehicle that has suffered serious or even minor accidental damages. Therefore, it is essential to get assistance from the most proficient used car inspection services of your region, before buying a used vehicle.

The Rough Idling Of Your Engine And Mitigating The Conditions

Rough Idling Of An Engine

How pleasurable an experience it is- sitting absolutely idle at your favorite place with a few companions beside you to chatter. The word ‘idle’ sounds too interesting until it comes to define the condition of your car’s engine.

Yes, the engine of your car too sits idle and when the idle turns rough, it signifies some definite troubles in the vehicle, which need to be identified and rectified at their earliest.

What Is Rough Idling Of An Engine?

Idling is the processIdling is the process in which the engine of your vehicle is running slowly but the vehicle itself is not in motion. This kind of running of the engine is generally seen when the vehicle stops at the red light, when the engine is first started, during parking or even when the vehicle stops in traffic.

And if we talk of rough idle, you would experience your car engine running rough and bouncy. There may also be some noises arising from it.

This rough idling or rough running could be caused due to a number of troubles and the fixes that it requires could also range from quick to very serious, from inexpensive to a very pricey issue.

Therefore, it is essential to identify the cause of rough running of your car’s engine and take appropriate measures to do this away soon.

The Top Causes of Rough Idle:

Some of the major causes of rough idle of your car engine are as follows:

  • Vacuum Leak, Broken Or Loose Vacuum Hose: The vehicles which use a carburetor for the processing of fuel, do get affected due to this trouble majorly. The engine gets a blend of fuel from the carburettor or fuel injectors which triggers its forward movement and this intake is dependent on the vacuum created between piston tops and carburetor. If this vacuum experiences a leak through a damaged or broken hose, excess air will leak into the engine diluting the air/fuel mixture and cause the engine to idle rough.

  • Choked Fuel Filter: Fuel filters are responsible for sieving the contaminants out before they see the engine. If the fuel filter isn’t cleaned or replaced timely, it gets choked reducing the amount of fuel being delivered to the engine and cause a rough idle.

  • Filthy Fuel Injector: Fuel injectors introduce fuel to the cylinders where a blend of fuel and air takes place for the burning processes. And no doubt, these fuel injectors too need a frequent cleanup, in lack of which they get clogged and cause rough idling.

  • Inappropriate Setting Of Idle Speed: An incorrect idle speed setting- usually lower than specified-may also result in rough idle of your engine. For this, you always need a mechanic’s assistance.

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  • Damaged Spark Plug: Spark plugs generate the sparks which are required to burn the fuel in your car’s engine. If the spark plugs or its wires get damaged, the engine would struggle to process the fuel, causing it to idle rough.

  • Distributor Cap Troubles: ­For vehicles equipped with a distributor cap, when it becomes faulty, the order of its functions begins to fail. This includes a rough idling caused by a cracked cap or one which has corroded internal electrical contacts. Other problems caused by a bad cap can be an engine which doesn’t start at all which can be caused by moisture condensing inside the distributor cap after a hard rain.

  • Ignition Control Module: Ignition Control Module or ICM is the key to vehicle’s ignition system. It’s a form of computer that manages the ignition coil and adjusts the spark generation. When the ICM becomes defective, it causes the engine to sputter or stall, releasing the smell of gasoline and rough idling of your engine. In this, you might also experience a decrease in the fuel mileage.

  • Defective Fuel Pump: The fuel pump transfers fuel to the fuel injector from the gas tank. With time, it too gets worn and eventually will fail completely preventing the engine from running at all. This results in rough idling of your car’s engine when the engine does not receive an adequate amount of fuel.

  • Filthy Oxygen Sensor: Oxygen sensors are designed to measure the richness of gasses as they depart the combustion chamber. When the oxygen sensor gets dirty, it cannot read the amount gasses in the exhaust correctly and will normally lead to rough idle, failed emission tests and low fuel efficiency.

  • Damage In The Carburetor: The damage to the carburetor of the car could also result in a lean (inadequate fuel) or rich (excess fuel) air/fuel mixture causing a misfire and causing the engine to idle rough.

These are some of the prominent causes which lead to the rough idling of your car’s engine.

Why a Pre-purchase Inspection is Significant?

How To Rectify Rough Idle:

If the engine of your vehicle operates rough, it’s probably the time to see an expert mechanic soon. You need to inform him of the previous repairs and service history and also tell him all the conditions when you experience the problem.

The mechanics would offer a thorough check to the vehicle and would get to know the troubles through some tests and their experience.

For instance, if the troubles are confirmed to be caused by the spark plugs, the technicians would remove them and check the tips of them for its physical conditions, wetness and color etc. Based on this, they would either be cleaned or replaced completely to eliminate the troubles.

Similarly, the cables connecting the spark plugs to the ignition system might also be cleaned or replaced as required.

If the trouble arises due to vacuum leaks or due to carburetor troubles, the mechanics would find out the point of leakage. When the point is successfully detected, it would either be sealed or the broken or damaged components would be replaced completely depending upon the severity of the damage.

Sometimes, the dirty injectors of the vehicle also cause the rough idling troubles. For this, the mechanics use a kind of injectable cleaning solution connected to the fuel system to clean the clogging materials out.

Apart from all these, the mechanics can test and then rectify all the other similar troubles that lead to the rough idling of your car’s engine.

What is Lemon Law for Used Cars in California

For any kind of troubles in your car’s engine, you could contact ‘Car Inspectors’ which offers ASE Certified technicians to mitigate all kinds of major and minor troubles in your cars and other vehicles.

Also, if you wish to get a used vehicle inspected at any location, ‘Car Inspectors’ would offer you all the assistance regarding the same. Get your car inspected and repaired at extremely pocket-friendly charges.

Common Noises From Your Vehicle’s Engine And Mitigating Them

Common Noises

Your dearest vehicle is your foremost pride and any kind of noise arising from it could be a highly disturbing scenario. And you ought to know that a noise from the vehicle’s engine could mean anything.

In some cases, the engine noises could be fixed with just a slight tune-up, while others may require a complete overhaul of the part and demands lot more investment than the former. This is why any kind of noise from your car’s engine should be taken seriously so that it does not turn a big-time trouble in the future.

Kinds Of Noises From Your Vehicle:

Car Engine Noises could be of the following types:car inspection services in Los Angeles

  • Clicking or Ticking Noise
  • Squealing Noise
  • Popping Noise
  • Pinging or Knocking Noise
  • Noise during accelerating the vehicle
  • Roaring noises while idling

Let us see all these noises in a bit detail:

Clicking Or Ticking Sounds:

These kinds of sounds are generated from the reciprocating parts of the vehicle such as valve lifters, piston or connecting rods when the engine is in operation. If any such noises occur from your vehicle too, listen to them and try to analyze the cause.

Why a Pre-purchase Inspection is Significant?

For instance, when your car makes a groaning or clicking noise while going over a speed-bump, it could be an indication of damaged struts or sway bars etc. And if you are sure that it’s the engine that makes the sound, check the engine oil. A clicking or ticking noise from the engine could be due to the following:

  • Worn valve lifters
  • Worn engine bearings
  • Incorrect valve clearance
  • Low engine oil
  • Worn belts or idler pulleys

In order to stop these noises, you could either get the engine oil replaced or replace the worn out part. The cause of engine noises such as those mentioned can be due to something relatively minor, such as a belt replacement or valve-train adjustment to a much more serious and expensive problem, such as a knocking engine bearing. And in every case, you could get assistance from an expert car repair servicemen to get the real cause of the trouble.

Squealing Sound:

Every time you accelerate the vehicle and hear a squealing, squeaking or whining sound, there are clear chances of a damaged belt. And this damaged belt offers a squeaking noise while accelerating.

Apart from this, the squealing noises could also be caused due to the following:

  • Pulley damages, which lead to slipping of the belt
  • Loose belts, which require tightening

In more than half of the cases of noise, the trouble could be fixed by either tightening or replacing the belt. However, if you are a real newbie and do not know this even a bit, get the assistance of an expert car mechanic. You never know, you may also need to replace a belt pulley in order to get rid of the noise.

Popping Noises:

The popping noises from a vehicle could be caused due to irregular tune-up of the same and you could visit a mechanic to get a quick tune-up.

What is Lemon Law for Used Cars in California

However, if even the tune-ups do no good to resolve the popping sounds, you should look for the following troubles:

  • Choked fuel filter
  • Dirty air filter
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Damaged or leaking spark plug wires
  • Ignition system malfunctioning

All these troubles could be extremely simple to fix and never require any huge investment. Wisely, you should take it to a regular mechanic and inform them of the symptoms you are having and the previous repairs and services done. But when you overlook these minor troubles, they generally continue to degrade into whopping problems after a period of time which will also be much more expensive to repair.

Pinging Or Knocking Noise:

Pinging or knocking noises are mostly the indicators of ignition troubles. When the spark plugs ignite the air/fuel blend in the cylinder and then some more fuel enters the vicinity of combustion, “detonation” or “pre-ignition” occurs which causes a pinging or knocking sound.

Ignition troubles could be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect ignition timing
  • Worn spark plugs
  • clogged air filter
  • Ineffective fuel injector
  • Ineffective ignition coils

And in any such case, do not attempt to repair the vehicle yourself, unless you’re reasonably experienced with the components and familiar with the way engines operate. Get the assistance of an expert and get the vehicle repaired in a timely manner.

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Noises While Accelerating The Vehicle:

You could have heard some sounds that appear only during accelerating it and nowhere else. And some of these sounds indicate frictional troubles which could be easy to fix. You could replace or tighten (as required) the various belts associated with the engine to subside such sounds.

However, sounds during acceleration could be caused due to many other serious troubles too, such as:

  • Damaged or ineffective water pump
  • Bent connecting rod
  • Worn suspension parts
  • Worn drive axles or transmission
  • Troubles with air conditioner compressor

Any such troubles in your vehicle could dig a big hole in your bank account and hence they need to be identified early to prevent any bigger troubles. Consult an expert car mechanic and let him identify the real cause.

Noises While Idling:

Over time, almost all the engines would make some kind of noise since the wear and tear occurring on an engine’s parts is inevitable. Many times, even the engine makes some kind of noise while idling which is not at all desirable.

If you notice any such noises (such as clicking or hissing) you could attempt the following tune-ups:

  • Adjust the valves of the vehicle
  • Check the level of engine oil and refill or replace it as required
  • Check the oil pressure and ensure it to be optimum
  • Resolve the overheating troubles of your engine.
  • Check for damaged vacuum hoses and other components which could cause a vacuum leak

All such troubles could also be fixed by contacting an expert car mechanic.

And for any kind of minor or major repairs, tune-ups and other services, you could always contact ‘Car Inspectors’ who offer ASE Certified automotive technicians to assist each and every trouble of the engine.

Plus, you could also get any kind of used car inspected thoroughly before buying it. Contact ‘Car Inspectors’ and obtain these services in a cost-effective and highly convenient manner.