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Things To Look For In A Used Car Inspection

Car Inspection

Buying a used car might be a bit difficult for many people. They remain doubtful on the quality of the car they’re planning to buy.

There are many sellers out in the market that make enticing offers to buyers. Many times, they hide the dark history of the car and sell the car to someone who ultimately regrets his or her decision. However, buying from a reputed seller won’t cause any such issues. One good option is to opt for a professional vehicle inspection in Los Angeles. There are many firms that provide reliable and genuine reports on a car’s overall quality.

Before you go for professional car inspection in Los Angeles, you can enter into Do-It-Yourself mode and check it yourself. Let’s look at the various elements that need to be covered in a used car inspection:

  1. Body and Paint – The paint and finish of the car should be even and shouldn’t show any signs of dents, scratches, cracks, chips, overspray or rust.
  2. Belts – Next thing to do is to open the hood of the car and check for wear and damage to hoses and belts. Make sure they contain no cracks, swelling or fraying and the radiator hose isn’t soft or deteriorated.
  3. Tires – The whole weight of the car lies on the tires. Therefore, they should be in good condition. A good mechanic would easily check the tread and condition of the tires in no time.
  4. Engine – The most crucial part of the inspection. Check for any signs of corrosion, noise, engine oil, roughness etc. If you notice anything questionable, ask the mechanic for a detailed check-up.
  5. Frame – According to experts, a car with damage to the frame should always be avoided. Inspect the trunk and quarter panels for welding, patch panels or fiberglass. These repairs can be easily covered, which is why it is suggested to take the car to your mechanic and not the seller’s.
  6. Air conditioning – Make sure the air conditioner gives appropriate cooling without making any irregular noises.

For best results, it is strongly recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced expert of used vehicle inspection in Los Angeles.

Why a Pre-purchase Inspection is Significant?

Car Inspection

Finding a used car that can perfectly match your needs and budget is a hard job. Though there is no dearth of used cars in the market, the point here is getting the one that is just perfect against the price you pay for it. According to used car experts at Car Inspectors in Los Angeles, pre-purchase inspection is one essential thing that must be done before buying a used car.

During this inspection, an expert mechanic will identify any existing issues and highlight potential issues that could degradein the future, and will examine to make sure any previous damage has been correctly repaired.

What is covered under a used car inspection in Los Angeles?

A mechanic will check for various things during the inspection. Preferably, he will get a Vehicle History Report that will alert himabout the vehicle’s damage history andhe will do needed research of the points requiring extra-comprehensive attention before he starts the job. By lettingthe mechanic know where to look will help him define that any damage in the vehicle’s past to ensure it has been carefully and properly repaired.

Though a lot can be checked by taking a detailed look at the car, a thorough check encompasses engine and mechanical systems check, electrical check, leakages, rusted parts and more.

The intensity of the problems defines whether you should go for the chosen car or not. For example, if the problem is severe, the mechanic would directly say a “no” to the vehicle. In case of minor issues, you can check for the best price by negotiating at the final stage.

Always remember that a wise decision is backed by well-thought-out research and great presence of mind.

What is Lemon Law for Used Cars in California?

Lemon Law Facts Sheet

Lemon Law

For those who purchased a vehicle including a used, pre-owned or certified vehicle which is still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty but is experiencing recurring problems even after repeated service attempts by the dealer, then you may have legal protection through the statutes contained in the California Lemon Law for Used Cars.

Almost any used vehicle which came with the original manufacturer’s warranty when purchased or leased is covered under the California Lemon Law for Used Cars or the Federal Used Car Lemon Law. This includes SUVs, cars or trucks including pre-owned, certified or used vehicles.

The Lemon Law for Used Cars covers a variety of vehicle situations. These include demonstrator (demo) Vehicles, vehicles that were certified and given an extended warranty which goes beyond the period covered by the original warranty issued by the manufacturer, plus vehicles repurchased by the manufacturer under the lemon law for used cars and then resold with a new manufacturer’s warranty. Compensation to the owner’s or lessee’s of defective vehicles that fulfill the requirements of the Lemon Law for Used Cars include buy-back refunds for what was paid for the vehicle, vehicle replacement or cash compensation.

The California Lemon Law for used cars covers the following vehicles:

• Any vehicle which came with a written warranty when sold.

• Vehicles used primarily for the purpose of serving personal, family or household needs.

• Vehicles used for business which have a gross weight below 10,000 pounds as long as the business has only 5 or fewer vehicles.

• Consumers who purchase vehicles which were re-purchased by the manufacturer and includes a warranty issued by the manufacturer which covers any defects reported by the original owner.Lemon Law

Duration of Manufacturer’s Liability

The California Lemon Law for Used Cars holds the manufacturer responsible for defects during the entire length of the manufacturer’s warranty. However, if the vehicle was certified or it included a manufacturer’s extended warranty when purchased, then the manufacturer’s length of liability will extend for the duration of said warranty. As an example, if an un-repairable defect developed 2 years after the vehicle was purchased and is covered by a 3 year warranty, then the manufacturer is obligated to repurchase or replace the vehicle, or provide monetary compensation to the owner. Settlement amounts and rewards are based on whether the vehicle’s defects meet the requirements stipulated in the California Lemon Law for Used Cars and whether the manufacturer was provided enough attempts to repair the issues in question.

The time limit to file a California Lemon Law lawsuit for breach of warranty is 4 years.

The Manufacturer’s Responsibility to Repair Your Vehicle

Car manufacturers and its dealers are provided with a reasonable number of attempts to repair vehicles under warranty per the requirements detailed in the California Lemon Law for Used Cars. If the vehicle still hasn’t been repaired after the stipulated number of attempts, the manufacturer is required to buy back the vehicle or compensate the owner. However, a reasonable amount of attempts to repair the vehicle’s issues may be exceeded under the following conditions:

• If the same issue or defect still hasn’t been repaired after 4 or more repair attempts.
• Some of the attempts to complete the repair (1 or 2), were to correct a serious safety issue such as brake failure.
• If the same problem repeats after 2 or more repair attempts and serious injury or death are possible if the vehicle continues to be driven with the defect.
• If the manufacturer, its associated dealers or agents have spent 30 days or more repairing the vehicle for any number of defects, problems or issues.

Situations where the California Lemon Law for Used Cars will not apply:

Warranty requirements including maintenance standards and proper use of the vehicle were not adhered to.
The issues or defects of the vehicle being considered for a Lemon Law case were caused by abuse or neglect by the owner.

As a Consumer, what should You do if You suspect that Your Vehicle may qualify under the California Lemon Law for Used Cars?

• Contact your vehicle’s manufacturer and notify them of the defects and problems you have been experiencing with your vehicle.
• Learn of your rights and responsibilities by first contacting a California Lemon Law attorney. Since most California Lemon Law for Used Cars attorneys work on a contingency basis as they file and research your claim against the manufacturer, you will not have to pay any fees to have an attorney represent you.
• Have copies of all repair orders available as these documents provide evidence for your case and clearly indicate your vehicle’s problem(s) and repairs.
• If a state-certified arbitration program is maintained by your vehicle’s manufacturer, contact a California Lemon Law attorney before submitting the warranty dispute to the arbitration program. This is necessary in order to avoid a poor outcome from the arbitration which will more than likely affect the chances of you receiving appropriate compensation for your claim.

Lemon Law

You may also be legally protected if you suspect that you have been deceived by a dealership who claimed to have made repairs to your vehicle prior to your purchasing it or its actual condition at the time it was purchased or leased. Some certified vehicles may also not have not been properly certified according to certification criteria set forth in the California Lemon Law for Used Cars. Therefore if your certified vehicle is defective or experiencing problems, contact an experienced Auto Fraud or California Lemon Law Attorney so they can review all of your documents and give you an accurate assessment of your rights under the Lemon Law for Used Cars.